Membership fees, donations, events

Alumnii Pay

Using Alumnii-Pay, members can easily pay membership fees, event charges and donate directly online. You can collect donations, track who already payed, and reminde those who didn't. This way you always stay in full control of your organization's financials.

Create charges

You can create campaigns (e.g. for a yearly membership fee) or individual payments.

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Pay a charge

Your members are automatically informed about new charges and can pay these easily online via credit card or direct debit.

If they agree, fees are automatically deducted from their account.

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Track charges

You can track open, payed or failed payments. Filtering by due date, payment campaign and more allows you to keep the overview and remind members who have outstanding payments.

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The safety of your members' payment data is extremly important. This is why your payments are processed by Stripe, a payment processor trusted by organization such as Allianz or Unicef.

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