Easy & transparent.

Starter -
up to 1.000
Premium -
up to 10.000
Professional -
from 2.000€
from 1.000
Basic Features Addressbook, Alumni-Map, Messaging System, Tagging, Optimization for Smarphones and Tablets, LinkedIn - Integration, two-language content (EN/DE)
Individual website Content-Management-System (CMS)
BrandingLogo, CI, Texts, Images etc.
Member managementCustomer-Relationship-Management (CRM)
Event management
Alumnii-Paypayment processing
Mailings & Newsletter
E-Mail-Statistics optional optional
Member groups optional optional
Mentoring optional optional
Job fair optional optional
External-Contact-Management optional optional
advanced admin-rights optional optional
Event-Ticketing optional optional
Network groups optional optional
Premium-Support Telephone- & E-Mail-Support
Professional-Support Consulting, Direct Contact
Administration-Service + optional optional optional
Hosting Backups & Updates, .de Domain
Data migration optional
Individualized data model optional
API-Access optional
Contact Contact Contact

How does the installation work?

We accompany you on every step - from planning to roll-out - and take care of setting up your Alumnii portal.
Do you already have a plattform and want to migrate to Alumnii? We can help - we migrate you old database and help you during setup. Your users will transition to a modern plattform frictionless.

How safe is Alumnii?

Data privacy goes first for Alumnii. Our servers are located in Germany. The strict German and European data processing regulations apply. Additionally, all data is transfered protected by strong encryption.

Do you have questions, want a demo or an offer? – Contact us and we'll immediately get back to you. Contact