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Eventmanagement the easy way: manage all your events in one place. Set registration deadlines, manage participant lists and send mails to all participants of an event. If you charge for participation, your participants can easily pay online.

Responsive Design

No matter what your device your members use, your website looks great on a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet. Members can register for events, browse the network, write messages and everything else using their mobile phone.

Administration area

In many cases dealing with the administration of a network is a big task in its own. The task that you want to perform is hidden in a submenu positioned in a confusing location. This is different with Alumnii! Get your work done in our software. We have focused on a clean and easy-to-use interface that always keeps (only) the relevant features at your disposal. This allows you to administer members, news, events, newsletters, your website and much more without being an IT professional.


Using Alumnii-Pay, your members can pay membership fees, ticket prices and donations conveniently online. You can check who already payed, remind people who did not pay yet and easily collect donations. This way, you always have your organisation's financials under control.

Messaging system

Members can message each other. Your alumni will be notified via mail, if they receive new messages.


Keep your alumni up-to-date via newsletter. Attach files, add links to upcoming events, all that with a single click. Personalize your mails by adding "Dear $firstname", which automatically turns into "Dear Joe" and "Dear Jane" for your members.

Quick tips

Little quick tips in the admin area provide you with useful hints and explanations for the corresponding function. If you have further question, our service team is happy to help you.

Member statistics

The Alumnii-System provides a variety of relevant statistics regarding your members' activity and your network's development.

Career platform

Detailliert and intuitve job listings allow your alumni to higher their next employee our find their next job. Job offers and "rehire"-offers can be created with a few clicks. The admin area provides you with full control of all job offers.


Learning from experience: your Alumnii-System allows you to set up a mentoring system. Your members decide if they want to create a profile and act as mentor or mentee. After applying for a mentoring relationship, the mentor and mentee can schedule meetings and document the progress in their mentoring relationship.

E-Mail statistics

E-Mail statics allow you to track how your members react to your newsletters: How many emails were received/read/clicked? Which mail addresses do not work any longer? This allows you to continously improve your member communication and engagement.

Administration rights

Apoint administrators with varying sets of permissions. For example, two different administrators can be responsible for maintaing the website and taking care of event administration.

Setup, Consulting and Training

We offer consulting services on topics such as process organization in alumni organisations or the implementation of new software tools.

Database Export

At any point you can download Microsoft-Excel-Files containing a summary of your members data or a participant list for one of your events.

Customized Data Model

Alumnii allows you to customize what you are storing about your members. You want your members to select their preferred university canteen? Alumnii allows you to do just that. During the setup of your system we discuss possible customizations with you and adapt your system your needs.


You already have existing data? We can migrate existing data into your Alumnii-System. If you want we can invite your existing members to try your new plattform.


Invite your members via mail, make use of our migration services or offer a registration form on your webpage. Many ways lead members to become part of your organization. All of them are supported by your Alumnii-System.

Hosting, Backups & Updates

We take care of hosting your Alumnii-System in German data centers. We also provide regular updates and backups. This protects your most valuable asset, your data, from being lost. At the same time you remain compliant with the strict German and European data privacy regulations.


Your logo, your pictures, your content. Your Alumnii-System is easy to tailor to your wishes, to make sure that your alumni association's presentation is as professional as your institution's.

Public Website

Home, About us, Contact, ...: You can setup a professional webpage and decide which pictures and modules (text, news, events, contact form) you want to be displayed.


Inform about your activities: news can be created and edited easily. Attach documents and pictures and differentiate between public news and news for members only.

Detailed Contact Search

Your organization's addressbook has powerful search capabilities and yet is easy to use. You can filter by any profile field, for example by birthday, current location, or graduation year.

LinkedIn Connect

Members can import their profile picture and name directly from LinkedIn, saving them time and improving your data quality.


Your members can add information and express interest by adding themselves to tags, such as 'soccer', 'travel' or 'management'. This allows members to find and contact other members with shared interests.

Picture Galleries

Pictures convey the emotions behind the alumni association. Provide pictures of events, gatherings and more.

Member Groups

Your members can organize into member groups, such as 'Around Berlin'. For every group you can create specific news, events and further content.

Members map

A large map allows your members to explore how your network is distributed around the globe.