Case Study - Alumni der Deutschen Bank e.V.

  • Planing

    A well-organized planning process is crucial for successful software development. This does not mean specifying each and every feature. Instead it is crucial to understand how a software can be integrated into existing processes, and what benefits the customer aims to realize by implementing a software. We believe that listening is crucial in this step. Once the expected benefits are well understood, the needed feature set emerges in a natural way.

  • User experience

    Once a vision is defined, the software's features need to be aligned accordingly. From many years of experience, we know that this goes beyond just technical features. An intuitive and understandable user interface is not just a "nice to have", but crucial to enable engaging user interactions.

    Topics such as “responsive web design”, “search engine optimization”, layout of menus and relevant additional information are central in that regard.

  • Features

    Every alumni association is special, and hence has indivdual needs with respect to their Alumnii-system. Developing the portal for "Alumni der Deutschen Bank e.V.", we implemented features in close collaboration. During that step of the process we believe that communication is crucial for the implementation of relevant features. We take an active part here, in order to transform customer ideas into software features. For "Alumni der Deutschen Bank e.V." these features were chosen in a way that reenforces the idea of an exclusive network of former Deutsche Bank executives.

  • Operations

    A software is never "done".
    On one hand, our software is continously improved, to make sure we meet new technical standards and security requirements.
    On the other hand, requirements change over time. To develop new features we collaborate closely with the our customer. We collect feedback from them and their members. All our customers get access to brand-new features, and profit in this ongoing process.